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Now that's beautiful [Mar. 16th, 2009|09:04 pm]
There's this organization called St. Baldrick's. And they challenge people to fundraise for pediatric cancer, promising that if they reach a very high goal, they will shave their heads bald. It's another stunt thing, to put the fun in fundraising, and evidently it works.

Here's the kicker, though: Miss Virginia, Tara Wheeler, has been doing work to benefit pediatric cancer research, and visiting hospitals full of bald kids, and she got wind of St. Baldrick's and thought, "Hey, I could do that." Being a titled Beauty Queen, she was at the mercy of the state and the Miss America organization, but they gave their blessing, provided she raises a big chunk o' change. So if Miss Virginia raises $500,000 by April 11, she will shave her head bald at a public event. (She'd do it for less, but it's not her call while she holds the title.)

She's psyched about walking into cancer wards full of bald little girls who have been teased about their lack of hair, and whipping off her wig.

Now there's a Beauty Queen deserving of the title. I think she deserves backing in this effort even she comes nowhere near the goal.

Here's the Washington Post article about it.

Her donation page on the St. Baldrick's site is here. ...just sayin'...
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Let's play a game [Dec. 22nd, 2008|02:44 pm]
In the spirit of continuing the much-needed goodness chickenhat brought us with this post, I suggest that anyone so inclined take part in this holiday poll:

What is your favorite part of the winter holiday of your choice?

Mine is scoring the perfect gift for someone, having it be a total surprise, and seeing their reaction when they unwrap it.
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Happy Ending [Nov. 15th, 2008|12:28 am]
Tonight I went up to Baltimore to witness the hand-off of the last of Sadie's kittens to his new person. The lucky person in question is dcseain, one of the very generous people who donated to the fund that made such a big difference in the lives of Sadie and her kittens. Here's the money shot of Alabaster in the arms of his new best friend:


The other kittens also have good homes, and Sadie, now renamed Sasha, will be staying with the kind woman who fostered the family. She offered to send me more photos, and if she does, I will make another collage and share it with you all.

Thanks so very much to every one who helped to make this possible. I count it as a highlight of my year. And it's been an eventful year!
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I promised more pictures of Sadie's kittens... [Oct. 18th, 2008|08:11 pm]
...and since I'm home sick and bored, I downloaded Picasa. What a fun toy!

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Further pit bull update [Oct. 7th, 2008|10:14 pm]
E-mail from Yo indicates that one of the pit bulls bit a teenager today and the police confiscated it. (The pit bull, not the teenager.)

Poor dog may end up being destroyed, I guess, but hopefully one way or the other its days of being abused are over.

I've been doing 12 and 11 hours days at work, so no bandwidth for more kitten pictures just now, but I will post some eventually, I promise.
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Pit bull update [Oct. 6th, 2008|11:52 pm]
Jill & Yo were supposed to meet us last night when we visited the kittens, but they didn't make it, and I've just learned why.

I have two e-mails from Jill to share with you. I know you will all be terribly proud of her. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that these guys will not take out some kind of revenge on Jill and her family.

When we got home from the shop last night (7:15 Sunday) a neighbor called to say that the two guys with the pit bulls were sitting outside their house. We called the police and had them arrested. It was quite the scene. The mother was yelling and screaming. Saying that because my skin was lighter than hers I had more rights. The boys acted indignant that they should be arrested for having their pit bulls kill my cat. I ID'd them to the police and pressed charges. They got had cuffed and taken to district police center. We then had to drive to the center and file a statement.
I'm a little unsettled. These guys are really mean. I just have to do the right thing, though. Somebody needs to stand up to them.

And here is the second:

We went to a community meeting tonight and spoke about the pit bulls and poor Lucky. Members were outraged. People want us to not give up and work to have the family evicted. They gave me info as to who to contact and how we can petition the landlord. It is virtually impossible to get the dogs removed. They have to be caught actually biting someone by a human officer before they can removed. We can only work on removing the family. Coincidentally one of the people at the meeting heard me say something about working with bicycles (in reference to getting the kids off the street). When he heard that I own Proteus he turned his head and said "Wow. You own Proteus? I LOVE that place." He approached me before he left and said that he wants to help me with the pit bull problem. He gave me his business card. He was really nice. Turns out he's a lawyer with the city.

It doesn't bring Lucky back, but maybe another cat's life will be saved.

Lucky loved bicycles.

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ZOMG KITTENZZZ!!!!! [Oct. 5th, 2008|09:47 pm]
Tonight chickenhat and I went up to Baltimore to meet Sadie and her brood. Wow. Just wow. Been a loooong time since I've had a good dose of kitten. It was amazing. Here are introductory photos for you:

Kitten 1: The only male in the litter, and therefore on reserve for dcseain, who has been a generous donor to the kitten cause, and who is interested in a male. He's a total sweetie:


Kitten 2: The most skittish of the bunch, but she eventually warmed up to us.

Kitten 3: A classic beauty.

Kitten 4: She's a total heartbreaker with those wonky sad eyes. Kathryn, who is fostering the family, plans to keep this kit along with Sadie, the mother.

And finally, here is Sadie. I wish I had a photo of her standing, because she is long and lean and elegant and gorgeous. If she were a dog, clearly she'd be a greyhound. She has a very calm and friendly disposition, totally trusting of everyone who approaches her and her kittens. Kathryn has scored herself a fine cat in Sadie.

Kittens 2 & 3 are still up for grabs, and anyone who donated to the kitten fund gets first dibs. They are all total charmers, and were it not for our beloved direly ill 20-year olds, we'd take 'em both in a heartbeat. I'm sorry you couldn't all come and join the fun. KITTENZZZ!!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!

I took lots of photos, and I'll be posting more for your enjoyment later, but for now I gotta get ready for another work week.
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Cat update [Oct. 4th, 2008|10:05 pm]
Folks, I have very sad news to share with you all. Sadie and her kittens are safe, and I will be visiting them tomorrow. But the pit bull and his owner, which I reported about earlier, are still on the lose in the neighborhood. And it turns out he's got a friend. I just got this e-mail from Jill:

We are still a little bit whirling with disbelief and sadness. As we were getting ready for Mumtaj's wedding this afternoon, I heard dogs fighting outside our house. I ran to the back yard and found two pitbulls leashed to their owners fighting in the small brick lane between our house and Esther's (the narrow fenced space between our houses). I screamed to find out what they were doing in our yard and to pull the dogs out. They had broken into our locked fence to get into the yard. After a few minutes of screaming, it occurred to me to check on our cats. I found Lucky mauled and bleeding in the escapeless corner. The dogs had attacked her. Yo rushed her to the emergency vet hospital, and I called the police. There is a warrant to arrest the owners (I can ID them and both Yo and Ryan are witnesses). These guys were using defenseless cats as training bait. With a broken heart I'm sorry to say that Lucky died at the animal hospital. Please say a prayer for her. She was a sweet little thing.

So, really, every one of you who contributed to help Sadie and her kits should be very proud and happy, because your support is part of what convinced the woman who is fostering them to take them in. And you have saved them from a horrible fate such as Lucky met today.

Jill has now officially accepted into her home "Mommycat," a stray who has been living on her porch to stay safe from the pit bulls. Here are a couple of photos of her:


I'll post more photos of Sadie's kittens after I visit tomorrow.
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Sadie visit [Oct. 3rd, 2008|10:38 pm]
Anyone out there who has supported Sadie and her brood--especially anyone who is interested in adopting one of the kits--are welcome to join me on an expedition to Baltimore to see them this Sunday evening. Leaving Fozzie Corner at 7 PM. Reply here if interested.
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Sadie update [Sep. 16th, 2008|05:11 pm]
Yo & Jill have asked me to please convey this information to Sadie's supporters:

They recently found 3 or 4 mauled dead cats in the back alley near their house. Word out in the neighborhood is that a young man with an aggressive pit bull is wandering around and sicking his dog on cats he encounters. One neighbor reports having seen the dog chase "MommyCat," a semi-stray who visits Jill & Yo. (They feed her, but have not fully adopted her.) Jill & Yo's back yard is fenced in, and the neighbor reports that MommyCat escaped the dog by seeking the refuge of their yard/back porch. MommyCat jumped the fence, but the dog could not. No one has evidence to nail this guy, but he and his dog are a menace. And this is the kind of thing from which you supporters have helped to protect Sadie and her kittens.

Thank you so much.

Jill & You & I have talked about adoptions, and we all agree that people who have contributed to the kitten care fund should get first dibs on the kittens.

More updates as they become available.
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